Welcome to the New Age of Propeller Manufacturing

VEEM has been pushing the boundaries of propeller manufacturing innovation for decades, always aiming for higher speeds, better fuel economy, and lower noise and vibration. Our passion for performance and innovation is supported by manufacturing and engineering excellence, the evidence of which is in leading results and outstanding performance for vessels all over the world.

From the very earliest days of propeller production, propeller manufacturing has relied on the limitations of pattern molding to produce high performance propulsion systems. It was the redefining of this process that took VEEM to the forefront of the marine propulsion industry around the world.

Utilizing advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software together with pattern-less molding, VEEM can warrant propeller performance of every vessel and guarantee absolute repeatability every time.

With propellers already achieving speeds up to 50 knots and better back-down performance than any other propeller on the market, VEEM will continue to push the boundaries of marine innovation to deliver manufacturing perfection, precise designs, and the highest performing propellers in the world.

Propeller Designs


Efficient and smooth

The VEEMStar propeller design has been developed as a high performance propeller for use on medium-speed applications, typically from 6-22 knots.. As an ‘all-round’ propeller, it is ideal for use on all applications where performance and smoothness are of particular importance. Optimized pitch distribution, carefully applied high section camber, balanced skew, and VEEM’s high-strength, low-drag proprietary blade root radii geometry have made this an industry leader.


Designed for Efficiency

The VEEMStar-LC is designed exclusively for high horsepower superyachts and other medium speed vessels that require the ultimate in smoothness and efficiency. The VEEMStar-LC has been designed in conjunction with several of the worlds’ prominent super-yacht manufacturers, under stringent performance and smoothness requirements. Typically used in the 22-30 knot range, the VEEMSTAR-LC is supplied as standard with Interceptor technology.


Built for Speed

The VEEMStar-C has been designed specifically for speed. This design continues to out-perform competitors over a wide range of high speed applications. Developed in conjunction with the worlds’ most popular pleasure yacht manufacturers, the VEEMStar-C provides maximum performance, whilst retaining an exceptionally quiet and smooth ride. For speeds up to 50 knots and with Interceptor technology as standard.


Perfection for High Speed Sports Boats

The VEEMSportfish propeller has been designed specifically to meet the demands of modern, high powered sport fishing vessels. Optimised using the latest computational fluid dynamics software, this propeller design has an unbeaten performance record on the tournament circuit. The VEEMSportfish has demonstrated unrivalled speed, manoeuvrability, fuel efficiency and smoothness. Blade tip geometry has been optimised to minimise visible vortex signatures, ensuring a clean wake during trolling. Every VEEMSportfish propeller is offered with the ability to customise all aspects of the propeller geometry.


Lowest Noise and Vibration

Each and every VEEMSuperyacht propeller is a fully bespoke creation. It has been developed in conjunction with several of the world’s largest superyacht manufacturers and is based on design criteria which guarantees extended cruising range, the lowest noise and vibration levels and exceptional propulsive efficiency. This model also comes in a ‘fast’ version with Interceptor technology as standard.


Surface Piercing Design

The VEEMSurf propeller is the latest in surface piercing propeller design. It is loaded with design innovations including the VEEM Interceptor™ technology that makes it unbeatable when seriously high thrust must be applied in a smooth, quiet and reliable manner. Through the use of ‘shock-free’ blade sections and optimized blade area, you can rely on smooth operation in any condition.


Nozzle / Ducted Design

The Skewplan is designed for use on trawlers, tugs and long liners and incorporates many features not found on competitors’ propellers. Blade foil sections have been modified to suit modern trawling and bollard pull applications, providing maximum efficiency. A variable pitch distribution unique to the VEEMSkewplan is used to suit the inflow angle at each location within the nozzle.

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